Vote NO for Islamophobes

28 10 2010
(from brother-in-law)
On November 5, 2005, during a Q&A segment at Northwestern University, Mark Kirk stated: “I’m okay with discrimination against young Arab males from terrorist-producing states. I’m okay with that.”

He didn’t  stop there: .  . “I think that when we look at the threat that’s out there, young men between, say, the ages of 18 and 25 from a couple of countries, I believe a certain amount of intense scrutiny should be placed on them.”

This statement was wrong in two ways. One, it was racist. Two, profiling doesn’t catch terrorists — Vincent Cannistano, the former head of counterterrorism at the CIA said, “I can’t think of any examples where profiling has caught a terrorist.” ( Statement of Rep. Jan Schakowsky Regarding Rep. Mark Kirk’s Comments )

The pollsters say this election is very close. Literally, a few hundred votes could sway this race. There are many Muslims in DuPage county, a traditionally republican stronghold. A good turnout in this non-Presidential election could mean that there will be one less Islamophobic bigot in the US Senate next year.

These are the worst economic times since the Great Depression, Mark Kirk voted against the stimulus package that helped create desperately needed jobs, and cut taxes for the middle class. Yet he voted YES for TARP — the law that bailed out very large banks with 700 billion dollars. Even worse, despite all their shenanigans, Kirk voted NO on regulating the subprime mortgage industry ( Reference: Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act; Bill HR3915 ; vote number 2007-1118 on Nov 15, 2007 )

Mark Kirk is dangerous to Muslims. He is dangerous to the American Dream. This is a tight race so every vote counts. Call, email, twitter, and facebook your family and friends. We can’t let our next Senator be an Islamophobe.



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