Inspirational Kids

3 10 2010

Email to my fellow teachers at IFSS:

I am constantly amazed at the intelligence and creativity of some young children. Many people think that kids are too young to make a difference. However, there are several examples of kids who discover their element and accomplish extraordinary things, by the will of Allah. As a teacher, I would like to inspire kids by giving them examples of kids their age who dream and work hard to make it a reality. I’ve started creating a list of a few young achievers, both Muslim and non-Muslim, that came to my mind on our wiki. I am certain there are many more and I encourage others to add to the list and spend a minute or two to briefly mention in class as you see fit.

Part of the inspiration for this post was from an excellent book by Sir Ken Robinson. I was first introduced to this talented speaker through one of my favorite TED talks titled “Do schools kill creativity?”




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