H1N1 propaganda

12 05 2009

Everyone has been talking about this swine flu thing and I’ve been getting pretty annoyed at how the media has been “hyping” this up and yet again instilling unreasonable fear into the masses. Somehow this has also brainwashed our Muslim community I thought when I saw a post on the door after jummah about how we should limit our conversations to “Salaam” and “Wasalaam” and avoid shaking hands. Well today was the last straw….I got an email today from ISNA about a Fatwa on Swine Flu….really….a fatwa!


So I decided to check which places are really infected – besides Mexico and I was surprised to learn that the USA is next in line!


Ok so where in the USA is it really bad? Probably states that border Mexico right? Hmm…no. It seems as if IL is the most infected state in the country according to the CDC. The following link also has some nice charts of # of cases/deaths…basically keeps going up and up….I also read somewhere that a third of the world is likely infected….scary stuff huh?




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