Free and secure online backup

25 10 2008

Oh no….my hard drive crashed!

A close firend’s hard drive just crashed. Nothing was backed up. Everything was lost. The most common reasons people give for not making backups of their computer is: “I forgot”, “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know how”. That’s understandable, but also very unfortunate. Especially when there are free solutions that allow anyone to make regular backups quickly and easily.

Mozy LogoOne of those products is called Mozy. Once you install this software on your computer and tell it what to backup, you can literally forget about making backups. Mozy will remember for you, and automatically schedule those precious backups once or twice a day, or just as often as you want. The online backups are stored securely on Mozy’s servers. So if your computer or laptop is stolen or breaks, your data is still safe and sound, ready to be restored as soon as you have a working computer again. Set it and forget it!

I’ve been using Mozy for years and have enjoyed the peace of mind. Twice a day the software automatically backups all data in the folders that I’ve said are important, including any new file or subfolder I created since the previous backup. In addition to the software itself being free, you also get 2 Gigabyte of storage space on the Mozy servers free of charge.

But wait, it gets better: if you use this link to sign up, install the software and make your first backup, you even get an additional 512 Megabytes of storage space, completely free (that offer lasts until October 31, 2008. After that date you still get 256 MB of additional storage space on top of the 2 Gigabyte). Just click the link, and then click on the big “Get 2 GB for Free” button.

Sign up today!



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