Raw fish cuisine

30 06 2008

Today was my first sushi experience. We went to Mitsuwa Marketplace which has a grocery store and sushifood court inside. I was debating between the spicy tuna and tuna avacado. It was interesting that the label said it was packaged only two hours earlier. I went with the tuna avacado which had 12 pieces for six bucks.  All the colors and presentation are appealing I must admit. Before paying you pick up some chopsticks and a small cup to dip. It came with a packages of soy sauce, wasabi sause, and ginger. As soon as you open the sushi container there definitely is a clear fish odor. It takes a few tries to get adjusted to the chopsticks but once you manage to pick up the sushi, you dip it in the sauce and stuff the whole thing in your mouth. Soy sauce by itself is too bland so you add wasabi for a kick. It is spicy for sure but not the tasty spicy…more of a bitter spicy. Anyways, I couldn’t finish all of It so I put it in the fridge at work. When I got home I had one more and had Mahum try one too. I don’t think she liked it much. I think I’ll stick with california rolls myself.



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