5 04 2008


I’m on the email list so recently I got an email about RadioIslam, a daily Muslim radio talk show here in Chicago. I started reading thru a fairly long list of just some of the distinguished guests that were on the program – Noam Chomsky, Jesse Jackson Jr, the daughter of Malcolm X, the grandson of Ghandi…pretty impressive! I kept reading…Keith Ellison, first Muslim congressman, Ingrid Mattson, first female president of ISNA….more first this and first that…peace activist, Robert Spencer, Nobel Peace prize winner, even the artist who designed the Eid stamp! Wait a second…something didn’t seem right…I went back…Robert Spencer?! It was like the part in Seseme Street where they play the song “one of these things don’t go with the other”…THE Robert Spencer? The guy who basically says that Islam is evil? The guy who says horrible things about the greatest man that ever lived? I was intrigued…

The cool thing about the website is that every show is archived so I in a few seconds I could bring up the enitre program from any day. I found the day that Mr. Spencer was on and started listening. I was excited because I actually have met one of the hosts, Sr. Humaira, who btw is a wonderful mother, one of the instrumental people behind the Webb Foundation, AND somehow finds time to serve the community mashAllah. Also, I had met the other guest Salam Al-Marayati at the CIOGC dinner a few months back and have heard him on TV. So first off, Spencer comes off as a pretty intelligent guy which is scary. He also seems to know a lot about Islam and had definitely done his research. The problem is how he twists certain things and takes it out context to make his points. Anyone who doesn’t bother to dig deeper may actually believe what he says. For example, I agree with him that there are people who call themselves muslims that kill innocent people in the name of religion. But to say they represent mainstream Islam or its teachings is preposterous! Anyways, Al-Marayati did a pretty good job of countering his arguments…I believe in the end, with the help of God, truth and justice will always prevail. It was a bit amusing because near the end of the interview, Spencer finally lost his cool since he knew he wasn’t making any sense and started yelling at Salam. lol.

So anyways, my respect for RadioIslam has gone up. Gotta give props for having the guts to bring a guy like Spencer on the show. I really couldn’t believe it. It is almost like Obama inviting Clinton over to his house for dinner the day after she sends thousands of emails to people about lies that he must be a terrorist because Barack rhymes with Iraq, his middle name Hussain means he’s related to Saddam, and Obama well is almost like Osama…kinda like that…

If you are reading this, there is a dinner coming up to support RadioIslam. If you cannot attend, I would encourage you to donate to keep them on the air or at least send them an email to tell them what a great job they are doing. =)


Radio Islam is the nation’s only daily Muslim talk show. It broadcasts from wcev 1450 Am every day 6 PM and live through
When: Sat. April 5, 6 PM
Where: Sabre Room Hall, 8900 W 95 St. Hickory Hills, IL



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