Dark Humor

29 03 2008

Saw this in the Chicago Trib Magazine:


© 2006 E. Brooke Lanier, Staring, archival inkjet print on photo rag paper (22” x 11”)

Raised in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic, E. Brooke Lanier’s work has always alluded to medicine and science. However, it was not until her own retinal detachment at age 22 that her work began to directly refer to her disability. Lanier’s “eye art” played a great role in helping her process the experience of an artist going blind. She characterizes her artistic method and resulting artworks as “very laborious and methodical, qualities that lead to a meditative state of mind.” In creating Staring, Lanier precisely reproduced the dimensions of a Snellen Eye Chart, editing her message down to the correct amount of letters. She then hand-drew the letters on graph paper, perfected the ratio and spacing, scanned the drawings, and modified them in Photoshop before printing them at regulation size. Lanier’s work invites increased reflection and consciousness on the part of the viewer, creating awareness for those with visual impairments. Lanier holds a BA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Another entry says:

“Relax, while I poke you in the eye”



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