Poem for me

1 03 2008

A friend in college, Baseer, who was majoring in English and taking a poetry class decided to write a poem for me. He later went on to write an award-winning screnplay and was recognized in a university poem competition.


I was walking down the street just the other day,
Thinking about what to do,
When I saw two girls walk one way-
One of them I knew.
The one with the gorgeous smile,
Smiled and walked away.
Stalking really wasn’t my style,
But I followed them anyway.

Not far behind, I heard what they said,
But I stopped when I heard them scream.
I turned around, my hopes were dead-
The girls were crazy about Fahim!
Every girl I like loves Fahim!
What is it about him that’s so great?
What makes him every girl’s dream-
And renders me in this state!

Later were playing a game of ball,
And Fahim scored as he fell,
Which made him the hero of all,
And my fifteen points invisible.
All my friends love Fahim!
What is it about him that’s so cool?
What makes him so supreme-
And makes me look like a fool?

My graduation finally came, too kind
My parents beamed with pride-
But when they saw Fahim from behind,
They ran to him, and pushed me aside!
My wedding day was the happiest day of my life-
No way Fahim could ruin that!
“You know Fahim?” adoringly asked my wife.
Stewing in my anger, I just sat.

Family and friends, feel the same about Fahim-
He’s as cool as cool can be.
They hold him in the highest esteem-
And totally forgot about me.
Come to think of it, he’s a pretty nice guy,
Not to bad, it would seem.
Hell, he really is a great guy-
That’s why everyone loves Fahim.



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